Hayleen Music

Hayleen is a French international-pop

singer, songwriter and music producer.

Connecting people and blending genres

Blending modern musical styles around pop music to form an Hybrid Pop of her own, Hayleen is driven by the variousness of pop music and its catchy melodies. Inspired by American pop for years and more recently K-pop, whose musical diversity, benevolent message and omnipresence of choreographic dance she likes, Hayleen is animated by artists with strong creative autonomy such as Charlie Puth, Charli XCX, Sia , Hayley Kiyoko, Clairo, Jain or (G) i-dle.

Born with a passion

Hayleen lives for music and creation. A pianist and living jukebox since she was 5, she naturally turned to composition, writing and music production at the age of 17, in addition to studying law and business. Passionately self-taught, composition softwares became her playground, also learning guitar and live looping at the same time. The same year, she set foot on stage for the first time in a musical at Théâtre Sébastopol, Lille’s emblematic theater, also writing and composing for the show.

Her passion for creation and performance took over. Hayleen went to Paris to work at a major record label in order to immerse herself in the music business. After 6 months, strong of her experience and like a no-brainer, music became the center of her personal and professional life. She returned to Lille to finish her studies, trained with vocal coach Tinah Drevet (Jain, Angèle, etc.) and joined American School of Modern Music in Paris to perfect her technique.

First steps online

While moving to Paris, Hayleen makes her mark on social networks through original covers based on live looping, beatmaking and dance. She is noticed by Native Instruments and collaborates with successful Venezuelan beatmaker Mctematico (Apache). In 2020, she brings her original songs to the stage in a solo-live looping set and is met with an enthusiastic welcome from audiences. Through her passion for languages and different cultures, she communicates with her fans around the world in several languages, keen to create a strong and sincere bond with her community. United around values such as self-acceptance, inclusivity and respect, Hayleen also reflects a positive message for all.

First single 

October 29, 2021 marks the release of her first single “I Wish I Could”, a solar, heartfelt and liberating track that represents the start of a new era for Hayleen.